Testimonials from the 2018 edition of the Global Scale-up Program. 

Oxford Endovascular
“The Global Scale-up Program has been absolutely fantastic in supporting us and giving us training & coaching on how to pitch. Linking us up with investors in the US both on the West and East coast. This program has really opened up a huge amount of networks for us, given us great feedback and personally helped me to grow and give us great exposure as a company. I would really encourage anybody who has the opportunity to join the global Scale-up Program. It will really help them grow and develop their organization and look for that future funding that is so vital to startup and get to the next level.”

Protinhi Therapeutics
“We have met an incredible amount of people in several locations such as San Diego and Phoenix. In both places we got a lot of feedback and enthusiasm. Overall we have a much better picture now [of what US based Venture Capitals and angels investors would think of a business case like Protinhi Therapeutics]. With some of them we are still in contact helping us to make an investment program for the US”

“They really teach you how to make the most out of your pitch. I pitched to large groups of investors and up to today I have follow up from that, also from interested companies that saw my pitch and want to apply the technology that we have to their own products.